12 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

Whenever we look at celebrities we only judge them by what we see. They seem like all looks, money and fashion to us but they aren’t. We look at the fancy weddings, like the one George Clooney had or the celebs who have 11 bedrooms and 5 fireplaces but we do not thing about how much hard work they had to put in to reach where they have. There are many celebrities who are doing quite well for themselves, and they were homeless once upon a time with no one to look after them. They didn’t even have 2 nickels to themselves and look where they are now. It might be shocking but Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are two such celebrities who hit the lowest points in life but ended up becoming the greatest entertainers of our generation. Via: celebrityrevolt.com & kcra.com

#1 Kelly Clarkson

Image Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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