Cloud Tsunami- A Frightening and Alarming Event Happen in New South Wales Australia

Cloud tsunami startled New South Wales Australia residence. Those individual who were in Bondi Beach have seen shelf cloud. It was massive and only several kilometer long stretching transversely in the sky. The “Australian Bureau of Meteorology” issued primary warnings to nearby residence because of strong winds, thunderstorms, and heavy rains.

Shelf cloud occurs because of “cold outflow” from thunderstorm abruptly lifting moist air. This is a steady flow feature from thunderstorm. Once the rain from thunderstorm vertically comes down, it drags air with it, spread it horizontally, and form gust front. Through this, you get “humid air” which is abruptly lifted from thunderstorm outflow.

More info : Wikipedia (h/t: dailytelegraph)

Cloud Tsunami-5

Image credits: Will Reid

Cloud Tsunami-1

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Cloud Tsunami-2

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Cloud Tsunami-3

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Cloud Tsunami-4

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Cloud Tsunami-6

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Cloud Tsunami-7

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