Twerks of Miley Cyrus in Her Performance “We Can’t Stop”

Miley Cyrus is truly a celebrity and a performer known around the world. She impressed a lot of her fans both girls and boys. From the video, you will also learn more about her twerks in her performance called as “We Can’t Stop”. She sounded really amazing and she was seen having fun and excitement.

For those who are interested of seeing all these twerks, these are obviously good. You should not miss these things out from the video. Even her fans and supporters loved her all the more due to these things. Actually, the performance is at the VMAs with a parade of giant bears that danced around hers. From her performance, she performed her racy song in a leotard. She also best portrayed her image of a bear that sticks her tongue out.

Twerks of Miley Cyrus

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